Ongoing and Current Projects

C.A.R.E Skills Development Programme

CARE-Skills-DevelopmentThis is a practitioner development programme which includes face-to-face tuition and follow-up hands on support in the centres. This programme:

  • Equips the ECD practitioners with the basic skills of running effective and stimulating centres.
  • Emphasise the importance of a daily programme and nutrition.
  • Prepares the principals / owners of the centres, for registration with the necessary local authorities. Once this has been done successfully they become eligible to receive financial subsidies to help with the nutrition programme and to pay child care workers.

Money Management Skills Programme

Money Management TrainingMoney Management programme is designed for crèche owners to help them understand that their centres should run as small businesses in order to sustain them for the long term. The programme also includes face-to-face class room training and follow-up hands on support in the centres. Topics covered are:

  • Good money management
  • Record keeping for income and expenses
  • The importance of opening a bank account specifically for the centre, etc.

Day-Mother Programme

We established a pilot project with a group of 22 day-mothers in a semi-rural area of the Mid-vaal. Day-mother programme caters for women who take care of a maximum of 6 children between the ages of 0-5 years. The women, who have very little formal education, are working through a skills development programme to ensure that the children, in their care receive better nutrition in a more stimulating and safe environment.

This programme is funded by the Hollard Foundation and is making a significant change in the lives of these women and the children in their care.

Child Development (Accredited Course)

This is a follow up course once the ECD practitioners have been equipped with the basic skills and knowledge of running a centre. This course provides them with guidelines of children developmental stages and milestone; and how to nurture the children in the process.

Child Development

Certification Ceremonies

Certification Ceremonies are held for each of the programmes to acknowledge the ECD practitioners for successfully completing the programmes. It is heart –warming rewarding to see the joy on the practitioners faces for their achievements.

Materials Development

The Early Care Foundation works with a team of writers, artists and early childhood specialist The Early Care Foundation runs a successful materials development programme. We produce workbooks for training programmes that develop the basic skills and knowledge required for running an effective home-based centre.