Play is serious learning

Margot Sutherland, a British Psychologist, says one of the biggest complaints from adults about their own childhood, is the lack of play with their parents. Read more:

According To Science, There’s No Such Thing As Holding Your Baby Too Much

Don’t put that baby down. Research now says you can’t hold your baby too much. In fact, the more you snuggle with your babe, the better off they’ll be. (Twist your arm, right?) Read more:

Preschoolers who watch TV get less sleep

Research has found that preschoolers who watch TV get less sleep than those who don’t. So how much TV can you let your kids watch? The reason for some young children struggling to sleep could be related to how much TV they watch. Read more:

Opening Remarks at the Nelson Mandela Foundation

Dr Tshepo Motsepe, South Africa’s First Lady and Chairman of Early Care Foundation, presenting Opening Remarks at the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Dialogue on where does pre-grade R belong given the recent announcement of the move of ECD services from Dept. Social Development to Dept. Basic Education.