Mandela Day 2013 with CQS Technology Holdings

Mandela Day – CQS Technology Holdings

CQS Technology Holdings’ staff chose to spend their Mandela Day with the children of Bubblys Day Care Centre in Soweto. The company adopted the centre two years ago as part of their enterprise development programme.

To mark Mandela Day, CQS organised an office toy-drive and erected a shade cloth covering for the children’s play area at the crèche.

Bubblys Day Care Centre caters for toddlers between the ages of 8 months to 6 years. Daily activities include a nutrition programme as well as arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor free play, storytelling, music and movement, etc.

Thanks to the patronage of CQS, Bubblys Day Care has managed to equip their staff with the C.A.R.E Skills Programme offered by The Early Care Foundation. The principal is a pro-active manager and ensures that her staff is updated with the on-going changes in the ECD sector.

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