Helping our ECD partners through lockdown

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]PPE Support for ECD centres

PPE support
for ECD centres

R5500 provides PPE for 1 ECD centre which includes: Cloth masks for children and staff (2 each), gloves, sanitizers, bar soaps, deep cleaning material and a thermometer.

[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″]Financial support for ECD practitioners

Financial support
for ECD practitioners

We’re also conscious of a long term, socio-economic impact, post lockdown. Practitioners will continue to require financial support even if it’s just to pay taxi fares to get to work to look after the children. Support an ECD practitioner to get to work by contributing R500 per month.


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Use the banking details below:
Name: Early Care Foundation
Bank: FNB Sandton City
Account Number: 62213405617
Reference: PPE or Practitioner or ECF Ops

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Dear Funding Partners and Supporters

The Early Care Foundation found itself in a strange new world as the Covid-19 lockdown unfolded. We were unable to continue our work in communities and all face-to-face training had to be postponed indefinitely. We had to find new ways to remain useful to our stakeholders, including beneficiaries and we are hoping you’ll continue to support us to remain a lifeline to them.[/su_note]

ECD support during COVID-19


Our strength lies in our long reach into 54 compromised communities in four provinces. We’ve established trust relationships and reliable communications networks with hundreds of ECD sites. We are currently active in over 280 small Early Childhood Development (ECD) businesses that reach approximately 12 000 families and 34 000 children. They’ve confirmed:

  • Food and issues of simple survival are primary concerns for all
  • ECD practitioners in informal creches have not been paid since March as parents stopped paying school fees in April
  • Government subsidies to pre-schools have not been paid out
  • Overnight thousands of women in the sector lost their income with which they fed extended households
  • We also learned that, although ECD sites should be closed, they are under enormous community pressure to accommodate children whose parents have returned to work. We expect this will increase as older siblings, who might be acting as childminders, return to school on 1 June 2020. Our goal is the help these creche owners ensure that when they reopen the ECD sites will be risk-free, safe, nurturing places of care.


[su_note note_color=”#333333″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”0″]We are developing a WhatsApp-based series of animated training videos on how to prepare and maintain an ECD centre as a sanitized and risk-free environment. We also plan to supply the required PPE to each centre. Your contribution to this will be extremely valuable[/su_note]


ECD centre


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ECF Operations

Finally, the Early Care Foundation itself is in need of funding support. A number of promised donations have not materialized. So we’re asking if you’d consider contributing to the overhead costs we’re still incurring. We’re continuing to put in eight hour days and would like to be back in action on the ground with the right kind of support and protective gear as soon as pre-schools reopen.

Talk to us directly

We’re available to discuss ideas with you at your convenience so please feel free to call me, Deirdre Caulwell, on 082 902 8079[/su_note]

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