Audit of crèches underway in Ekurhuleni

The Ekurhuleni metro has confirmed that they have started with the auditing of all Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres in the metro. The DA recently pushed through an urgent motion compelling the Department of Health and Social Development to do a comprehensive audit of all crèches in Ekurhuleni. Read more:

Daycare shacks offer shelter for poor toddlers

From the outside the building looks like a warehouse. The rusted steel door and high windows reveal nothing of the activities inside. Just inside the door a makeshift bookshelf is packed with files, broken crayons, toilet paper, wet wipes and tiny school bags. Small bodies lie on the floor…. Read more:

#BacktoSchool: Is your child ready for school?

Early Childhood Development schools that offer Grades 0, 00 and 000 will often divide children into classes based, not just on their age, but the time of year at which they are born…. Read more:

Looking for Multicultural Children’s Books? Here are 8 Helpful Resources

A few years ago, Krista Aronson shared a picture book with a group of children and watched as a girl wearing a hijab pointed out a character that looked liked her… Read more:

Want to improve your kids’ writing skills? Let them draw

We love our kids’ first drawings. They draw before they write, so their drawings seem somehow miraculous in those early years – their first communication that is permanent and there for all to see. Read more:

3 important reasons why your baby should crawl

In the traditional crawl, your baby will start by learning to balance on his hands and knees. Then he’ll figure out how to move forwards and backwards by pushing off with his knees. At the same time, he’ll be strengthening the muscles that will soon enable him to walk. Read more:

10 things every child with autism wishes you knew

Children with autism can add a lot of value to the world if we just take time to respect and understand them. Here are a few quick tips on how to do this – it might even benefit your relationship with your neurotypical child. Read more:

Help, my child is being emotionally bullied!

“She’s been sidelined and spends school breaks alone. My daughter is a quiet, shy child with a lovely nature. It breaks my heart that she’s alone at school.” Read more:

5-Year-Old’s Shoe Tying Tutorial Goes Insanely Viral Because It Works

Do you ever see something on TV or online and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” For those of us who have unsuccessfully tried to get our little ones to tie their own shoes (clears throat), meet Colton. He is five and has a loose tooth and your ovaries may explode after watching this. […]