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Brain mechanics: When your child learns to read

This story by The Conversation is republished as part of our series of articles written by local and international academics and researchers who are experts in their field. The views expressed don’t necessarily reflect that of Parent24 or Media24. Read more:

Emergency vaccination campaign to curb measles outbreak in Gauteng

The campaign aims to prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease, the leading cause of death among babies and youth. The City of Johannesburg is launching an emergency measles vaccination campaign following after 11 cases of the illness were reported in Gauteng. Read more:

Do you teach your kids about money?

Money does not grow on trees, our parents cautioned, and like the obedient children we were, we listened—well, mostly. From the amount of “I wants…!” sounding off in stores these days, I’m guessing the kids have not gotten the same memo. Read more:

The benefits of imaginative play

Why is imaginative play so important for children? Imaginative play, or free play where playtime is unstructured, is fundamental to early childhood development because children learn through play. Playing, in general, allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, their dexterity as well as physical, cognitive, and emotional…

Early learning = equality and jobs

Two decades after the end of apartheid, South Africa’s socioeconomic landscape is still visibly divided along racial and geographic lines. A relatively small group of South Africans enjoys a standard of living similar to that of citizens from developed countries, whereas the poorest 20% of the population — almost all…