About The Early Care Foundation

The The Early Care Foundation Vision

Our vision is that every child has access to quality preschool education in their community, to meet all their nutritional & development needs.

The The Early Care Foundation Mission

Our mission is to provide relevant training & mentoring that empowers informal crèche owners and ECD practitioners to provide safe and stimulating places of care.

The Early Care Foundation Vision & Mission

What Else Do We Do?

  • Skills development: within pre-schools
  • Physical resourcing: buildings, equipment, learner support materials
  • Quality control: Ensuring that standards are met within for example, “licensed” pre-school operations
  • Business management: Assisting with and teaching business skills to enable sustainable pre-school facilities.
  • Conforming with legislation and best practice
  • Advocacy: The Trust is extensively involved in promoting ECD in both private and public sectors

The Early Care Foundation - Early Childhood Development